Monday, November 29, 2004


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We have been ruled more by deceit than by force, and we have been degraded more by vice than by superstition. Slavery is the daughter of darkness: an ignorant people is a blind instrument of its own destruction. Ambition and intrigue abuses the credulity and experience of men lacking all political, economic, and civic knowledge; they adopt pure illusion as reality; they take license for liberty, treachery for patriotism, and vengeance for justice. If a people, perverted by their training, succeed in achieving their liberty, they will soon lose it, for it would be of no avail to endeavor to explain to them that happiness consists in the practice of virtue; that the rule of law is more powerful than the rule of tyrants, because, as the laws are more inflexible, every one should submit to their beneficent austerity; that proper morals, and not force, are the bases of law; and that to practice justice is to practice liberty.”

Read more of “George Washington of South America” or “El Liberator,” General Simon Bolivar. We now have his statue adorning our city. Hugo Chaves has been in Tehran meeting and discussing expanded bilateral ties and greater cooperation, particularly in the agricultural sectors.

I tell you, if our quality of life were measured solely on the basis of the unfamiliar taste buds revealing themselves and singing hallelujah, the outcome of this contest of the self-absorbed, aka the clash of civilizations, would certainly be settled in our favor in a blink. Persimmons and pomegranates must simply be some of the sexiest fruits ever!

And an interesting leftist exposé of the Mujahedeen Organization (National Council of Resistance) in Dissident Voice. (via Payvand)


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