Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I bet Queen Elizabeth II is thinking, “There we go again, another Annus horribilis in the offing when this famed Anus abominabilis gets to deliver a message on Channel 4.”

Well, O.K. I gave up my mind reading powers a while back. That’s what I am thinking actually. I’ve been on my best behavior to try to remain sane for as long as possible. So I won’t even bother with wishing for peace on earth this year.

But some chuckles always helps. There is a short piece I’ve been looking at on Christmas Eve each year for a little over a decade now. I am sure most of you have seen it already. But just in case, here is Santa Clause, An Engineering Perspective.

And for those who have a hard time telling a reindeer from a moose,( or can see either from your house) here is the latest tragic news from up north.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Obliterator

I’ve done some house cleaning with the broken links and all, removing some of the more inactive blogs and reshuffling others. Hopefully, I’ll be adding some others in time as I return to more frequent blogging. I’ve also deleted some of the older posts I thought annoying as I much prefer posting what I write with most of my wits about me.

Any how, it has been fun watching the developments with the Obama-Hillary team over the past few weeks. The NYT reports: Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept.:

Even before taking office, Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeking to build a more powerful State Department, with a bigger budget, high-profile special envoys to trouble spots and an expanded role in dealing with global economic issues at a time of crisis. […] Given Mrs. Clinton’s prominence, expanding the department’s portfolio could bring on conflict with other powerful cabinet members.

It seems as though the HRC reign is promising to be highly entertaining in the coming years, with purges of opponents and power grabs having been the more notable hallmarks so far. Remember this piece from the British Independent, Hillary Plays Hardball

I don’t know what it is, but frankly, the Obama-Hillary due has been reminding me of the following scene thus far.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


A collection of reactions and links here and here.

Amongst the slain, the uncompromising ATS chief Hemant Karkare.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hoder’s arrest

Hossein Darakhshan—a blogger much loved and reviled for his instrumental role in the development of the Iranian Blogosphere, and his ever passionate and highly charged opinions, as well as, his erratic political persona—appears to have been arrested by the Iranian authorities. This piece in (the semi-official) Baztabonline confirms the news and indicates that he is being interrogated and has so far “confessed” to being an “Israeli spy.”

An update on Hoder

Of course, arbitrary arrests, torture, and the practice of extracting false confessions are the stuff of this murderous regime. Let’s hope that this latest indecent imbecility comes to an end soon and Mr. Darakhshan is free again to rejoin his family and friends with his physical well being and human dignity intact.