Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mofaz’s Dilemma!

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There are certain Israelis to whom I’ll blithely entrust my life on account of their naiveté. Then there is Shaul Mofaz. According to Haaretz, (via payvand) which gives a glimpse of a fascinating letter he keeps in his office to begin with, Mr. Mofaz appears to have a serious problem. His problem is also our problem: the alleged Iranian nuclear ambitions! (Just so you know where I stand.)

His natural instinct is to strike preemptively. But think about how unshakably the early formative years affect our lives. Inhere lies the source of a more difficult dilemma for Mr. Mofaz.

When Mr. Mofaz left Iran for Israel as a boy with his family many years ago, millions of his peers across this country did not. One is now the Defense Minister and the other leads the Revolutionary Guards. All three share the same outlook on life. Not that curious, really. Mr. Mofaz is one of our own. A typical Iranian, you might say. Quite like any number of other millions.

“When in doubt try belligerence!” Our motto here. Always overestimate the potential for favorable outcome. Count on victory, even if you have no idea what constitutes it or at what cost. Lash out at the first sign of any trouble. Abuse shamelessly if you judge the consequences negligible. And don’t ever forget to blame all exigencies on the omnipresent agitators and the fifth column.

A winning formula if I ever saw one--no matter how insanely insecure everyone comes to feel!

And when reality becomes too unreal to imagine?

O, well! At least our predicament makes for an interesting exchange cheznadezhda.

Sometimes I feel what we urgently need is a forceful new axis proper: the Axis of Naivet é: Tel Aviv and Tehran! That way, we might help the noxious three plan retirement or find something more productive to do with the remainder of their years; rebuilding homes, perhaps!

It is not exclusively their cities, you know, they are toying with!

But only if we could first succeed in having the eminently perspicacious Nadezhda prevail upon the Oscars of her world to abandon their increasingly nettlesome flirtations with the ancient Mongols and to limit their taste to modern exotic food or even perhaps those famed, lovely Mongolian contortionists!

There is nothing reassuring about a “special” tribe--on a rampage ostensibly to unleash forces of freedom globally, which nonetheless, seeks inspiration in the conduct of the likes of the decisive and resolute Genghis Khan!

But again, maybe such manifestations as Phantom Fury are precisely what Usama has been counting on all along. Despite delusions of invincibility, mortals inevitably always suffer the consequences.

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