Thursday, November 11, 2004

Falloojeh: A simple blessing

Thousands of blogs. Countless pundits. Confusing times. Simple decency is what I’ve yearned for all day. Retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski:

The Sound of Music was one of my earliest introductions to what freedom means, and what it is worth.

My favorite song remains the patriotic little Edelweiss, sung most powerfully and tragically as Austria glowed hot with fascism.

Edelweiss, Edelweiss,
Every morning you greet me,
Small and white,
Clean and bright,
You look happy to meet me.
Blossoms of snow may you bloom and grow,
Bloom and grow forever,
Edelweiss, Edelweiss,
Bless my homeland forever
I bet there is an Iraqi version somewhere. A song for people who love their homeland and see its beauty and potential even as it is consumed by state force, sniper fire, explosions and fear, drenched in human blood all in the name of humanly designed, God-less central control.

May Iraqis survive to sing their own song of their own once lovely country. And may American troops, and our contractors with them, soon make their way home safely to our once – and future – beloved and lovely country.

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