Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Promises, plans!

Aside from my usual broodings which should cover more of the ongoing murder and mayhem everywhere, there are a few older posts I’d like to go back to as I never did manage to properly develop them to my satisfaction.

Much to the (probable) chagrin of my old friend Roger, of course, that means having to go back to the Iliad a few more times; although, I do promise to incorporate a dialogue he harangued me about last year, Plato’s Cratylus. Another beauty! The Perseus version.

There is a little “something” in the Iliad that allows me to finally feel lighter. Frankly, I breathe differently after each encounter with that text. It has been like that since my first serious excursion years ago. I’d like to explore more and see if I might draw “it” out more effectively.

There is much to explore and think about as well with two other universally “favorite” subjects, money and passions. A very curious and distinct attitude these days at work among Iranians! I have alluded to it repeatedly in the past couple of years. I’ll explore some of the cultural continuities and ruptures.

This especially given that the promise of those millions of $ aimed at fostering dissent has had everyone in an uproar of late. Much gobbledygook and suspicious banter everywhere!

What’s at issue with the passions, of course, is life itself. A lot hinges on them given specific orientations or intensities involved. And here too there are distinctive cultural attitudes at work. I’d like to see if I can try to isolate them more effectively and get your feedback on some of the subtleties I have had in mind.

And I am going to become better at introducing you to some of the bloggers who have consistently proven a joy for me. I have been a tad too lax in that department.

Anyhow, a few links to get warmed up again.

A beautifully conceived short story in Farsi. The initial first step, I suspect, for one interesting blogger who will have much to offer by way of enchantment given due diligence and attentiveness in the coming years. And also a poem by one of my favorite Iranian contemporaries who seems to be getting better with each one of his gems! And another.

A review of sorts, Is the Creator a Sadist? (Navid Kermani’s new book, The horror of God – Attar, Job, and the metaphysical revolts)

Also, another very curious item out of Prague again. No end to them lately.

It rightfully deplores the plight of ethnic Turkmen in Iran although some of the particular details present prove a puzzle. The city in question remains one of the more visibly distinct milieus in Iran today. Quite unlike any other place, really! Well, perhaps two or three other places should be excepted for now.


A background report of a meeting held a while back with some European Union officials and another older report about specific plans for an emerging united Kurdish front.

Finally, one by one of our more renowned geezers intended for a friend’s philological pursuits.

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