Sunday, March 12, 2006

The ears and the many senses

Another report of the Israeli promise of preemptive “crushing military strike” by a retired general as the Security Council deliberates further about this nuclear stand off. And the Islamic regime’s UN Ambassador vs. a Fox reporter.

The UK’s Channel 4 has been wrapping up its long visit to Iran. And here has emerged this new organization, Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran.

When I make my rounds of Farsi blogs, I am always amazed at the multiplicity of voices that seem to be talking to one another in code or with some subtlety all at once. We are all good at that and it has its virtues. Especially in our world today of crude shouting matches and all the vulgar abuse! The many voices, yes, but it’s more like countless eyes and ears at work.

I occasionally suspect our universe to be one comprised of multitudes thinking we each inhabit the Center. And as it’s not really clear most of the time who’s speaking to whom and especially since none of us is that Ancient Deity with many ears, ten thousand eyes, and a thousand senses, it all naturally makes for some surreal comedy of errors on occasions. It even brings a wry smile to my face on occasions. Perhaps one of these days, I should trace just a few for some real entertainment.

Any how, our heartland of evil is the land of many paradoxes. And there have been no shortage of illustrious luminaries who’ve visited from the outside over the years.

Here is that old interview with Joergen Habermas about his impressions of Iran. (via Hoder)

And another old report about the famed Italian Antonio Negri who visited last January. Negri’s visit proved a bit of a disappointment for at least one Iranian blogger at the time.

And lest you think some one like AEI’s Michael Rubin has been deprived of his chances of experiencing the chaos first hand, Mr. Rubin’s report about his adventures in Iran.


From Amir:

For my reaction to the publishing of a "translation" of this very "report" or "interview" with (which originally had come out in FAZ in Germany, subsequently) in Tehran's daily "Hamshahri," please look here:

Juergen Habermas

Go down to point number 4 in that article, which is entitled "Sultanate of Reformists."

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