Thursday, March 16, 2006

Google gags.

The Iranian New Year is around the corner and since this might be one of the last posts of the year, I thought I should simply brood about certain slightly irritating behavior that doesn’t seem to want to stop.

If navel gazing annoys you, please move on.

One of the curious advantages of having roots in an authoritarian society, I must admit, remains an odd appreciation for experimental forms of communication. And I don’t mean here indirect, subtle communication that is as old as speech itself. As you never know what might get you out of a jam you remain open to newer possible resources.

So I really mean here, the more novel forms made possible by new technologies which invite certain attentiveness to evaluation of their effectiveness. This latter, ultimately for me, due to an ongoing fascination with the question of why it might be that some come to prefer certain forms over others.

I have noticed, for example, that aside from the visitors sent my way by other bloggers and those omnipresent accidental tourists who seem to always arrive here looking for Iranian body parts or some culture specific unchaste positions or a variety of other odd visitors we all encounter because of those goofy search engine results which somehow end up pointing at specific blogs, I’ve also been getting hit for the longest of times by google gags indicating some variations on pretty constant themes.

And yet, not exactly the most rigorous type of google gags there is either. So it can’t merely be the challenges inherent to a passing fad of game play. An example of a witty, open, playful and public gag from Opip here I could appreciate for your edification.

Now, an imprecise discreet gag apparent only through a webcounter is a rather interesting way of communicating and also peculiar. What’s the point to abusive private google gags, really?

I do have a comment section and it remains open. It is a place to ask questions, share insights or opinions and to express pointed disagreements and to hurl insults if need be in more open public ways. I have never (intentionally) deleted any comments and never will. I also have an email. And there are multiplicities of sites that offer anonymous email accounts as well.

So why the persistence of all these discreet insulting google gags mostly for my eyes only?

The profile that emerges in my mind is obviously that of occasionally avid readers with intense loathing for what I write. Hence a rather aggressive, persistent and yet discreet array of insults! Without the backbone, of course, or how shall I say, the requisite minimal energy for leaving a returned address or signaling an openness to the possibilities of allowing a response. Even mullah’s occasionally do better, no?

But hey, to each his own I suppose. But here are quick answers to a collection of some of the more memorable ones:

Yes, my life is a monotone if someone is moronic enough to think reading is monotonous or books without charm, or lacking in adventure. But really, my life is not as colorless as some angry, superficial characters might have concluded. Although, we can never know for sure, could we?

So I’ll try to work on adding some spice in good time. [New Year Resolution: work diligently on getting an email from some unconventional, spicy dominatrix ASAP]

Yes, I have left behind an army of betrayed companions in so far as we Persians generally have obscene expectations of one another and inevitably always come to feel disappointed no matter what any of us do. Besides, there is always a learning curve with everything which means it takes a while to get a rhythm going in life so we end up always negatively affecting others. And one always risks having been remiss with various responsibilities and obligations. I have been no exception.

If you want to do anything you’re passionate about, though, you just have to learn at some point to stay focused come what may. But I don’t think I have betrayed anyone in any substantial, destructive sense of that term. Not yet, anyways. But, sure, there is always a first time for everything. And many thanks for the warnings! I’ll keep that possibility in mind to try to avoid it.

When it comes to old wisdom and conflicts: Yes, the type of wisdom I am enamored of is rather old. It doesn’t mean I avoid conflicts when I deem them necessary. Or that I’ll ever be too hesitant in ways that would prevent me from tackling the issues I think are important at the right time.

It just means I am not at conflict with everyone who disagrees with me all the time. There are differences between bad thinking, unappealing leanings and destructive, unprincipled conducts. Always a judgment call and subject to constant reevaluation.

At the end of the day, though, I opt to choose my quarrels based on what’s important to me and not instinctively, habitually or just for the heck of it. So yes, conflicts don’t set my shorts on fire, but I won’t go out of my way to avoid them either.

Hence in this one sense, there might be some justified cause in complaining about the aroma of all the “old perfumes”-- I concede. But let’s at least try to pretend to be fair.

The reason I prefer the older perfumes is that some of the “newer” ones being peddled offer the horrid stench of putrefied or charred innocent flesh covered with some pretty nauseating rose water. All the miasmic prattles without that old time generosity of spirit doesn’t attract me in the slightest!

And now about guile and cunning: the persistence of this theme points to some foolish minds absolutely dense.

Really, what is it you think I’ve been hiding besides the essentials that would allow me greater unfettered mobility without putting myself and those I encounter at unnecessary risk for what I might decide to say or do?

Have I ever hidden my disdains? Or my likes or preferences? Or the simple fact that I have no interest in being ruled by dwarfs and midgets incapable even of ruling themselves? Or that I try to limit brutal expressions of some of my personal opinions if I think the negative consequences that might ensue through adding to the bigoted cacophony all around us might outweigh any positive contribution it might make to the existing public discourse about any given subject.

Isn’t that the sort of persistent (re)evaluation that should remain at the heart of thinking about communication?

So yes, let me admit openly again: This blog, as it explicitly states on top, remains nothing more than my personal broodings and guarded observations. And I am no angel. Never have been! But I want to be ruled by my betters. Now, what kind of imbeciles would ever miss what’s so clearly articulated in post after post and persist in thinking they should resort to sending me private google gags discreetly and repeatedly?

To what end? The approach is ultimately lame even by the prevailing abuse standards we’ve all grown accustomed to these days. It’s only minimally annoying at best.

Any how, I do genuinely hope this clears up some of the difficulties. If I’ve left anything out, or if there are new ones, simply let me know in the usual way and I’ll make sure to try to clear things up again as best I can next March --if I am still around, that is.

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