Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Iran apromises to resist the mounting pressures from the West. And the Joys of Sanity circa 2006!

The Christian Science Monitor examines Four Approaches in dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions

There is a new UK daily I’d like to introduce you to, the First Post. Let’s just let the editors do the talking:

[tFP is]a new daily online magazine, targeted at a discerning well-educated audience aged 25 up offering a spirited response to every aspect of current affairs from politics and foreign affairs to sport and the arts.

Today, Edward Luttwak, author of ‘The Pentagon and the Art of War’ and a former military consultant to the US National Security Council, the White House Chief of Staff, the US Department of Defense, US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, Department of State and several allied governments makes the case for bombing Iran. Read ‘To bomb or not to bomb?’

For different sides of the story you are also invited to visit a previous article from another First Post columnist Patrick Cockburn, author of ‘Saddam Hussein: An American Obsession’ who cast a critical eye on how American and British governments used the Iranian army and paid street mobs to overthrow the prime minister.

Meanwhile government special advisor Richard Ehrman traces the route to the current stand off

Try to visit them and let the editors know what you think.

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