Saturday, August 06, 2005

Protesting Regime's brutalities in Kurdistan

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The Islamic Regime has unleashed a ferocious assault on the Kurds and some (Iranian) blogger have begun a campaign of solidarity with our Kurdish citizens. I've decided to join them.

I have been trying to get a better sense for what has been happening with all the revolts and the myriad forces involved. These are indeed pregnant times. Events are unpredictable and hard to understand. But one thing is for sure: the sky is the limit or a bottomless pit the destiny…who can claim to know for sure?

Upheavals simply don't happen out of the blue. I know it has been fashionable of late to always blame expressions of mass discontent on outside forces. The American authorities have been doing a lot of that with Iraq and the Iranian regime historically has been notorious for blaming "Imperialist agents" and "outside conspiracies" for all its woes.

But this approach is not a sane reaction to the human condition or an accurate characterization of what transpires.

In confronting the sort of unsettling times such as we are witnessing today, Hegel reminds us to be attentive to the new passions and the new forces inevitably unleashed. Different groups and organizations –some old and many new, combine in familiar or unexpected ways and what we might ultimately get is anyone's guess!

I'd like to make explicit here where I stand: the Kurdish Nation has very legitimate grievances that have to be dealt with. The aspirations of the Kurdish Nation must be acknowledged. Their conditions should be ameliorated. Their torment must end.

So I have a wide selection of links for you tonight. And bear with me as I struggle to find my bearings in this puzzling labyrinth.

Guardian reports of mass influx of troops into Iranian Kurdistan and the ongoing brutality.

Payvand reports on Amnesty's concern about the spiraling levels of violence and the killings and arrests of many Kurdish activists.

We have also the website of Kurdish Human Rights Organization. The section in English is not as up-to-date as the Farsi or Kurdish material.

Two sites of general interest: The Kurdistan Web and the Kurdistan World.

The parties in Iranian Kurdistan with a history of activism and contributions-- both positive and negative:

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

The Communist Party of Iran-Komalah.

The Komala Party-Iranian Kurdistan.

And of course the Revolutionaries Union of Kurdistan (pdf. Graphic, heart wrenching pictures.)

Some more pictures of the recent unrests. The site is s platform for wide ranging discussions and assorted news and views about Kurdistan. And based on this, the lineage may be traceable to the Kurdistan Worker's Party or the PKK.

The PKK program in English.

There is a splinter group from PKK, the Kurdistan Free Life Party (Hezbe Hayate Azade Kurdestan) better known by its acronym PJAK which has been active in the Iranian Kurdistan.

Their goals and objectives. (Farsi)

And more about their split from PKK. And some background on insider fighting and murder.

And report of meetings between their leaders and some officials in Norway

One of the regime sanctioned News Agencies, BAZTAB, reports of a meeting in Iraqi Kurdistan between some leaders of PJAK and the American Military. And also a recent clash that left 5 regime soldiers killed and 4 injured.

And some nice pictures of PJAK camps and their military exercises.

More later.

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