Friday, August 05, 2005

Assasination of Judge Moghadass

Would I ever see a day in my lifetime when our intelligent and talented Iranian writers with access to all the latest research tools started first by grappling with the credibility of the actual claim of responsibility before retreating into that always-an-option world of oneirism and delirious speculations?



The site I linked to is being blocked now. Opip was good enough to retrieve the google cache. The original text is the following:

قاضي مسعود احمدي مقدس سرپرست مجتمع قضائي ارشاد توسط هسته های چریکی به هلاکت رسید

معاون قصاب و جلاد مرتضوی -- مسعود احمدی مقدس توسط همان هسته چریکی که امام جمعه دد منش کرج و مزدور خامنه ای در شیراز که مسئول اجرای نماز جمعه در ان استان بود در خیابان احمد قصیر واقع در میدان ارژانتین به سزای ددمنشیها و جنایتهای خود رسید . سازمان مخفی جوانان مسلح بار ها وبارها در اعلامیه های خود عنوان کرده بود که در اینده ای نزدیک تعدادی از دادستان ها ی جلاد توسط این سازمان به سزای اعمال ننگین خود خواهند رسید و ما بار دیگر این اطلاعیه را در سایت درج می کنیم . سازمان مخفی جوانان مسلح مسئولیت به هلاکت رسیدن این مزدور وجانی را با قاطعیت بر عهده می گیرد .

کمیته مرکزی سازمان مخفی جوانان مسلح

And our friend N's sort of quick and skim-etic (Ha!) translation from the comment section:

I skimmed the site which includes statements by a group calling itself "the secret organization of armed youth" which claims association with a well known, and very fractured, leftist guerilla group. They claim to be carrying out their own courts and sentences, since they have no faith that any international or local courts will ever bring justice to these people. They claim that Judgge Mortezavi is next on their hit list.

The only thing I should add is that based on this exchange with someone they had threatened previously, they disavow all connections with any and all existing organizations or activists linked to the famous and fractured cells of the (Maoist) Fadaie Organizations.

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