Thursday, August 11, 2005

More Signs of the Second Coming

It is simply amazing what can be found on the net when you really look. For starters, something I hadn't seen till today--a (wmv) clip that appears to me to be a propaganda video of one recent bombing in Ahavaz. This might help resolve the mystery of the particular group behind the terror campaign.

See, one of the reasons I keep on beseeching some of you to stop all your tarradiddle about Iran is that Iranians are a very diverse bunch and all kinds of different creatures could be found in our polity.

Just imagine how much more fun you could have (and so much more effective to boot) demonizing us once you get past the superficialities and get a real sense for everything you have been missing all these years repeating the same silliest of stereotypes.

So, I've decided to do my part and tantalize you a bit with a few of the more entertaining ones for today. Thus we have the Iranian For Aryans, and the Islam haters, and the Neo Nazis, and the 21st Century Fascists and the Arab haters, and the Turk haters, and more Arab haters (recently blocked) and the famed SUMKÂ --National Socialist Iranian Workers Party, (a teaser in English so you don't feel left out) and of course the Ultra Nationalists, and ….

Can't you see? The Lord must surely be on his way…Hallelujah!

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