Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This and That

I have added a potpourri of new links. Feel free to explore. It doesn't need repeating, but let's say it anyways: agreement is never a prerequisite although thoughtfulness is.

And my dear Polish friend and learned guide Natalia sums things up poignantly enough.

Pope's serene dignity in death was inspirational. As was his courageous, principled conduct in life. This Pope's achievements will be celebrated for years to come and his interventions scrutinized for their much needed judicious counsel.

So this Persian New Year madness is almost over but a fresh crazed surge in inflation is just beginning. The arbitrariness of it all is simply baffling. I'll present you with a sampling of our prices soon.

And I have been a bit too self indulgent of late. My friend Mr. Limitedinc chastised us recently for having been too obsessed with our favorite poet Homer. I took that as a protest about my ignoring any number of "cool" Leftist thinkers and discourses.

So I have been having fun with some odd mix of readings while mingling, traveling and exchanging gifts.

Here we go with brain teasers (some pdf): Badiou on Becket plus Hermeneutics and Honor, and Zizek on Badiou plus the problematic of public/private spheres in Islamic societies and Zizek's leftist plea for Eurocenterism and the problematic borders of the private and the public and more Zizek and the counterimages of woman circa 1800s and even more Zizek.

But a ferocious jousting with Schmitt continues to be a main preoccupation here in addition to occasional flirtations with de Benoist's notions of the political. Lots of problems to sift through. I still think Carl Schmitt is the key to unraveling this "existential threat" mystery. I just wished though that the usual suspects could let go of their demonization of Leo Strauss just long enough to seriously examine some of Mr. Schmitt's antics.

There is a limit to what can be done with limited resources. So, if no one responds to my pleas here soon, I might be forced to do another one of my jeremiads with Mr. Ledeen again as the honored villain. So, be a pal, and spare us all.

Someone? Anyone?

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