Saturday, April 09, 2005

The tantalizing Giorgio

Yes, Armani possibly everyday perhaps. Though for tonight I only mean Agamben:

Today/the Republic is not parliamentary. It is governmental. But from a technical point of view, what is specific for the state of exception is not so much the confusion of powers as it is the isolation of the force of law from the law itself. The state of exception defines a regime of the law within which the norm is valid but cannot be applied (since it has no force), and where acts that do not have the value of law acquire the force of law. This means, ultimately, that the force of law fluctuates as an indeterminate element that can be claimed both by the authority of the State or by a revolutionary organization. The state of exception is an anomic space in which what is at stake is a force of law without law. Such a force of law is indeed a mystical element, or rather a fiction by means of which the law attempts to make anomy a part of itself. But how should we understand such a mystical element, one by which the law survives its own effacement and acts as a pure force in the state of exception?

Read the rest of a short extracted text, State of Exception. His take on Security and Terror also.

And we have also The Time that Is Left-- enchanting meditations on the structure of messianic time.

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