Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shadi and the Shadows

A brief item(via payvand.com) informs us that Shadi Sadr, courageous attorney, women rights activist, blogger and journalist, is being denied her passport and is now barred from traveling abroad.

In her blog she has posted the (Farsi) text of an Open Letter to Mr. Khatami, the ever smiling nominal president of our Republic

Ms. Sadr writes that despite persistent attempts in the past two months, she has been unable to get straight answers to many questions about her confiscated passport. Hence, the decision to go public now. This ordeal, incidentally, and all that she might have left unsaid, helps explain why she has been blogging so infrequently.

She recounts that although she has discussed the matter with different officials of our various government agencies, she has been unable to learn why she is being denied her passport and on whose authority.

Ms. Sadr insists that Mr. Khatami, as well as those who choose to operate in the shadows, step forward and be accountable for their deeds.

Her questions are simple and sensible enough. Who is responsible for this decision? Which institution or official organ is it that has chosen to deprive her of the right to travel freely? Why is it she has not been informed of the charges (if any) against her? Why couldn't those operating in the shadows step forward to confront her openly? And subject to the laws?

Why hide if they think they are in the right? Is our national security so easily threatened by Ms. Sadr's travels?

Who's really afraid here and why?

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