Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Thanks. I clearly get it and agree. Although, you should also try reading the Iranian scene a bit more carefully! That’s why the whole project is so ludicrously transparent. We grow up with and live the grotesquely patriarchal. Fathers know what’s good for you. Teachers know what’s good for you. Neighbors too and the doctors, grocers and, of course, the Guardian Council, assorted Mujtaheds, and now the Supreme Leader.

Since all these people--while pushing what they peddle-- at some point get all mixed up about where their own perceived best interest ends and yours begin, most of us get both frustrated with the shamelessness of it all and exceedingly good at reading the pretense.

That’s why it becomes difficult to get anything done. We can go overboard a bit. And thus that trap you allude to and the paralysis. But there is a way out of the circle. Can’t win them all! Sometimes, can’t win at all. That is what is so comforting in the beauty of the ancient wisdom of Job for me as well as in the Greek tragic vision of life.

But so what? It is the attempt that counts, no? Now, that’s liberation for you.

Mr. Hanson recently pointed to a beautiful Greek word. You should look up the comparable construct paity-aeogət…asoit in the ancient Persian texts. But that would be multi-Culturalism, no?

Such loss!

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