Saturday, January 07, 2006

A simple query!

Don’t you just hate it when none of your emails ever get answered? Well, I do. So consider this a request for help.

To anyone, anywhere, with access to older political tracts!

I am looking for the name/date of the publications (on the left) that first employed the terms Islamic Fascism (fashisme eslami) and Gender Apartheid (apartaide jensi) in the post-revolutionary Iran.

The terms were in vogue in certain circles as early as 1980 or 81 (?!) And it strikes me as highly unlikely that either of these terms could have originated with those who are now most prone to throwing it around. (Anglo-American extreme right and their allies)

Both Usama and his Arab enablers elsewhere as well as that grotesque Apartheid regime of South Africa, you recall, were dear, close friends and any perceive insults aimed at them would have been, what…the moral equivalent of moral equivalency I suppose, no?

Anyhow, please, if you know anything, or have clues, don’t hesitate to share.

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