Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

From all of us at the BP--and I mean here, me the humble typist, the brooder, as well as most of the rest of his many unruly, bruised, inner children incapable of speaking in unison--our best wishes for your health, sanity and wealth. (if you should want them, of course!)

We won't even bother wishing for peace this year since none here wishes to sound that absurd. (most of the time)

So, let's start the year with a short one from the Leih Tzu on Benevolance:

THE GOOD PEOPLE of Han-tan were in the habit of presenting their Governor, Chien Tzu, with a number of live pigeons every New Year's day. This pleased the Governor very much, and he liberally rewarded the donors. To a stranger who asked the meaning of the custom, Chien Tzu explained that the release of living creatures on New Year's day was the sign of a
benevolent disposition. "But," rejoined the stranger, "the people, being aware of your Excellency's whim, no doubt exert themselves to catch as many pigeons as possible, and large numbers must get killed in the process. If you really wish to let the birds live, the best way would be to prohibit the people from capturing them at all. If they have to be caught first in order to be released, thekindness does not compensate for the cruelty."

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