Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The terrorists and their hit list

One of the Iranian bloggers I read directs our attention again tonight to the website of some clandestine Army of Islam-Terror Branch. (Shakheye Erhabe Sepahe Eslam).

On their site, which is actually based in Tehran, in addition to all the usual saber rattling and the normal bluster, we find listed the names of 210 journalists they claim they intend to liquidate. Hambestagi also ran a report on this a few days ago.

This is not the first time we hear of these bozos. A few months ago, Gooyanews did its best to introduce many of us to this very same shadowy bunch. And as early as last October, Abbas Maroufi had rung the alarm bells about these miscreants. (his Blog in German.)

Of course, the sad part about all this--or the irony of it, take your pick--is that the list itself is a cut and paste job of the names of the journalists who signed a letter of protest to the Ministry of Guidance a while back.

These goons—whoever they are—have orchestrated a campaign of intimidation which will in effect terrorize our journalists night and day. Their list aims to make life a living hell for the audacious souls who have gone on record defending their rights.

Every shadow has now become a de-facto threat. Every motorcycle, every fast moving vehicle, every “odd looking” pedestrian who passes too closely… and every knock on the door at night is now the face of death.

I think we should all become very familiar with those names and do what it takes to make the Government of Iran understand that it alone is ultimately responsible for the safety and the security of each and everyone of the men and women whose name appears on that horrible website.

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