Saturday, October 22, 2005

Meet Mullah Farah

Those rascally mullahs are really taking over. No escaping them anywhere. From Mr. Joseph Farah’s Christian wimps:

"We read credible reports – some from FBI agents – that prisoners have been stripped naked, sexually humiliated, chained to the floor and left to defecate on themselves," he writes. "These and other practices like 'waterboarding' (in which a detainee is made to feel as if he is being drowned) may or may not meet the technical definition of torture, but no one denies that these practices are cruel, inhuman and degrading."

Let me introduce myself: I, Joseph Farah, hereby deny that these practices are cruel and inhuman.

Before you react, though—if it’s not too late already, do experiment with this cool exercise and think about aspects of what we call seeing. Don’t forget to thank these guys for pointing to the cool link.

I can’t make up my mind about what’s more loathsome: torture, torturing or torture peddling. Which do you think?

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