Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In the mail!

I'll have to add a number of new links and make other adjustments. My buddy Gil's site has moved. He also reminds me of the noun brevity. I'll try to oblige him soon, and apologies also for the long posts.

Another friend Mr. Limitedinc writes to express his approval; although he thought the take on Strauss too gentle. In my defense, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Michael Stickings, one self described "liberal Straussian" kind enough to drop me a note. So we have for your reading pleasure tonight exhibit A and B here.

For those who might be finding this blog's progressive slide to the right annoying, I'd give you a new collective: the revolutionary flower pot society and their insightful discussion of the upcoming presidential election.

And also another one of our expats' coverage of the election. He seems to be ahead of the rest of us on a number of different questions. A very attentive reader, I might add. Shiva's great site led me to him.

Mr. Behi might not need an introduction from me. But he too I learned about only a few days ago.

And to answer your question dear Praktike, my stomach is fine. AIPAC doesn't bother me much. They'll do what they must and we'll do what we have to. Mr. Perle, on the other hand, does annoy me immensely. He is simply malicious. There is no excuse.
Puerum miserum!

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