Friday, December 19, 2003

Watching Ronin

We were treated to Frankenheim’s Ronin early this morning on one of T.V.’s more cosmopolitan programs, Cinema1. De Niro was great as always. Plenty of murder and mayhem as well. There were scores of murder scenes, car chases, road carnage, manly banter and a few scenes of killers having stiff drinks to sooth their nerves. There was also the spectacle of women killing and women being killed. But the only blurred, censored images I could notice were the performance scenes of an Ice Skater—that of a woman artist. Now admittedly, all societies have rules about what can or cannot be shown on T.V. And one can’t cogently claim that dancing half nude on ice comes naturally to people left to their own devices. Furthermore, who amongst us can claim to have figured out why organizations behave the way they do? So, that said, why would a power structure be threatened by the images of a graceful ice skater?

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