Saturday, December 27, 2003


News is dynamic and confusing. But efforts appear to be gaining momentum and are thus becoming more effectively organized.
The latest information: more than 8500 have been evacuated and treated in various cities across Iran; of these, 3000 on outpatient basis in Kerman alone.

So far 305 sorties are reported to have been conducted to and fro the Bam Airport providing supplies and flying out the injured. For information on flights and latest news:

38 centers continue to collect supplies donated for the victims. Tehran residents have been participating in a massive way to provide supplies. The reaction appears enthusiastic and heartfelt in other regions of Iran as well.

400 medical specialists have been dispatched to the area. The effort is to prevent the possible spread of diseases such as cholera. The following website has been created to provide information on/about the victims. But I haven’t been able to get in

Help in whatever way you are comfortable with

NationalBank-Washington : 17122944

Banke Melli- London: 2222100017002

Banke Melli-Paris: 03200000011

Banke Melli-Branch Central 702070 Red Crescent

Needed supplies are power generators, medicine, decontamination equipment,soap, feminine hygiene products, babypowder, water, and water purification products, warm clothing, tents and blankets

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