Friday, December 19, 2003

All-nighters at the BenadorAssociates!

Our very own Amir Taheri has been musing about the potential impact of Saddam’s capture and the fallout from what is sure to be an embarrassing trial. He outlines many of the questions Saddam must answer for. One of the more significant ones is the following:

Second, Saddam should tell the world which Western governments and corporations helped him build his death machine. He must also tell the world which European, and Arab, politicians, businessmen, bankers, media people, and so-called "peace activists" he bribed over the years.

Hear, hear! We want to know all about the connections: an exhaustive lists of all his supporters over the years and a full accounting—total disclosure no matter how embarrassing. From the looks of it, though, the Associates at the Benador haven’t quite earned their keep on this front. According to the AP Poll alluded to:

Six in 10 thought the government was likely to be embarrassed by some of the information disclosed by Saddam in a trial. That was higher than the percentage of people who felt Saddam's disclosures would embarrass the governments of France, Russia, Britain or Germany.

The “American Street,” might still be reeling from the shock of the brutal 9/11 terror assaults. But you can always count on the fundamental decency and the instinctive sense of fairness among the Americans. I guess that can only mean longer hours at work for Mr. Taheri and Co.

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