Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Football, elections

What do you know? Iranians made it to the world cup! Lots of excitement for some, I bet. One of these days, I might get around to discussing some of the football related disturbances which have become part of our routine.

As for the elections, the funky campaigning continues. The skaters out in force promoting Mr. Rafsanjani. So amusing—this lala land of ours…and beyond.

But hey, even some on the outside now seem at ease feeling superior while exhibiting all the moral indignation of some dehydrated vegetable. Go figure.

Weren't you all relieved that not many of us got worked up over the commotion about flushing a book down the toilet, or urinating on it, or whatever else it is the civilized/civilizing book loving/freedom spreading contingent naturally might do with any other book?

We too have a tendency here always to feel superior, you see, while being too self absorbed to be conscious of the silliness of it all. Our worlds are seriously converging. Millions of us here are ready to join some of the rest of you on the other side about as quickly as some of you appear headed towards re-creating our reality there.

Here is an example from our end: watch a veiled woman striptease!

And if you have been following the election coverage, you have probably noticed how most everyone here always makes fun of the candidates' degrees.

As I've said before, too much bad blood on this end for me to be enthused about any of these figures. My least favorites though are Messrs. Rezai and Ahmadi Nejad. Real, extraordinary thugs.

But I can't really figure out why some of the younger kids are so condescending when it comes to the candidates' educational achievements. And this from the very same brats whose experiences have been greatly relaxed by that vast industry specializing in making cheating and plagiarism cheap and accessible for all.

Any how, since hyperinflation has been a central concern, with the help of some friends, we have put together a list of about 400 items and prices which might give you a better sense for how life unfolds on our end. I'll post it for the curious just as soon as I am finished with my spreadsheet.

In the meanwhile, here is an item worth reading: Iran’s Conservatives: Anti-Americanism or Fear of Economic Restructuring?

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