Friday, June 24, 2005

And the wait!

The Iranian Student News Agency calls the count for Ahmadi-Nejad.

The official Islamic Republic News Agency hints at his lead but does not offer confirmation of the final tally.

We'll see.


It is still not official. The IRNA now offers the following. As of 3:30 am, of the 24 million ballots cast, roughly 15 million has gone to Ahmadi Nejad and 9 to Mr. Rafsanjani. Looks like a rout.
There were roughly 47 million eligible voters, it seems

The verdict

Ahmadi Nejad wins big. True to form, one of our more prominent writers characterizes this seminal event so memorably as the victory of ignorance over injustice!

The final tally according to the official IRNA

Eligible voters: 47,000,000 (roughly)
Total Ballots: 27,959,253

Participation: 59.48

Ahmadi Nejad: 17,248,782 (61.95%)
Rafsanjani: 10,046,701
Spoiled ballots: 663,770

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