Monday, March 07, 2005


Dan Darling responds:

From one self-professed Babylon 5 fan to another, I would hope at the very least you would assume that I had seen "The Illusion of Truth," which featured (among other things) an almost word-for-word account of a HUAC confession. I am quite familiar with the nastier role that televised confessions had played in US and other nations' histories and if you believe that I was attempting to argue for their rehabilitation, you've got the wrong guy
I'll deal with the rest of this later when I have more time, but I want that point (that I do not support the practice of televised confessions) clear

Read the rest of Dan's thoughtful post for further clarifications.

And check out this Payvand collection of background readings on the 1953 coup that brought the deposed Shah to power.

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