Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I've changed the template to retrieve the archives and in the process reshuffled the order of links and added more bloggers. There are a few others I will add shortly. I am not as confused as my choices would imply. Some of the bloggers might have serious difficulty with one another. Two in particular come to mind…but hey, I would have gone insane living here without the diversity of opinions accessible via the net. So thank you all.

Rough month though. I'll try to get back to my routine shortly. In the meanwhile, I am grateful kindly Nadezhda for your empathy and the lovely song. I'll try to hum just as soon as I figure out the tune.

And two cheers as well for my old friend Natalia for the absolutely enchanting Polish Christmas Carole, To juz pora na Wigilie, written (if I understood properly) by Zbigniew Presner with "words from poets and songwriters connected to " Piwnica Pod Baranami.

And via Praktike--another favorite blogger of mine, an interesting take on the recent Ledeen-Douthat exchange. I really liked the older Gideon's Blog posts here and here as well. I'll have some brooding to do soon and might even get back to discussing Ledeen's debt to Mr. Schmitt. Stay tuned.

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