Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Censorship Sucks!

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No matter how many variations of the sign I see, the last encounter is just as infuriating as the first. It enrages me. Censorship breeds reptilian personalities. It forges the sort of creatures one loathes to see breed, even with poodles…in the censors, that is.

It creates nothing. It stops nothing. It only annoys. It simply delays. No one can stop life. No one can stop the process of thinking. It does not succeed. When will they ever learn?

The sign appears at the most unlikely places and times, and very often. It blocks access to an email account sometimes; or to an article on Abu Ghuraib and even some site exhibiting the writings of such famous Islamic thinkers as Al-Biruni and even some language translation engines, among many, many others.

There is no rhyme or reason. The sign is a constant reminder of the sort of imbecility and incompetence arbitrary exercise of power inevitably leads to. Censorship genuinely sucks. How many ways can we think of saying STOP THE CENSORSHIP!

This site helped. If you are reading this, please send a note with the sentence in any other language you are familiar with. I’d like to make a sign with as many languages as possible represented.

What does it take to get through thick skulls?

سانسور موقوف/

Arrêtez la censure /

Halten die Zensur /

Precz z cenzurÄ/

Arresti la censura /

検閲を停止しなさい /

Pare la censura /

أوقف الرّقابة /

Σταματήστε τη λογοκρισία /

Pare a censura /

Houd de censuur tegen /

停止审查 /

Остановите цензуру /

Stans sensuren /

Grateful to Natalia for half the title!

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