Thursday, September 16, 2004

What Mystery?

The folk at published a piece from NewStandard, Motive for Baghdad Helicopter Massacre a Mystery by Brian Dominick. And here is the Independent’s piece on the contradictory reactions from the U.S.G. to shooting into a crowd and killing a journalist among others.

Not much of a “mystery,” of course, if we look hard enough.

Here is William Kristol’s recommendations on how to win the war in Iraq published in his article, Of Mice and Men on May 24,2004. Such a massacre is exactly what he wanted to see and apparently the pilot has obliged him:

(3) The president orders combatant commanders to move aggressively to see to it that killers of Americans are killed, that those who aid those killers are held responsible, and that the insurgents are crushed. He might add that any site where Americans are attacked will be regarded as a combat zone, and anyone who chooses to go there to celebrate will be subject to attack.

This is what millions wanted and still support. Stop playing dumb. Live with it or put a stop to it.

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