Saturday, January 17, 2004


No avoiding the fever that is our good old-fashioned election posturing. We all have heard the stories before-- the usual stuff, the politicians locking horns, with some sitting to promote their agenda, while others try to find faults with whatever it is their opponents do as they sit. Isn’t it odd that Iran can be one of the very few places on our messy planet where a group of politicians can attack another for laughter? Go figure.
In the meanwhile, the electorate continues to debate what to expect, and hope for, both in terms of their own futures and the future of the regime and the country. The fate of this latter, as always, continues to hang in balance. The discussions, as is normally the case with us Iranians, assume cosmic dimensions. Political passions become slightly more agitated and our lives slightly more agitating. So what else is new? It was time to skip town.
There is absolutely nothing as rejuvenating as leaving Tehran. One gets a better sense for how blue the sky can be, and how exciting some fresh winter air. The snow covered mountains around Tehran are just sublime.

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