Saturday, August 08, 2009

Defiant eyes

The Reigning Imbecility in Iran has been up to its old despicable tricks again, and is conducting show trails and broadcasting taped forced confessions on TV. Their track record in this is long and tedious; only this time some of officials of this very regime--including Mr. Hajarian, one of the founders and a leading figure of the infamous Intelligence Ministry--are at the receiving end.

The good folks at just published a timely piece, Iran dissidents: Behind confessions, prison ordeal:

A prisoner forced to confess tries to speak with his eyes — to tell those watching that he's admitting to crimes he never committed because he's been broken by days alone in a cell and interrogators' threats to his family and loved ones.

Now, pay attention to Hajarian, the man in the middle with a beaming smile. The eyes in particular:

These morons never learn. As if anyone can ever take these rediculous rituals seriously.

The following apt scene from a magnificent movie by Costa-Carvas:

من با دهان ِ حيرت گفتم:

«ــ اي ياوه




مستيد و منگ؟

يا به تظاهر

تزوير مي‌کنيد؟
از شب هنوز مانده دو دانگي.
ور تائب‌ايد و پاک و مسلمان

نماز را

از چاوشان نيامده بانگي!»


«ــ اين گول بين که روشني ِ آفتاب را

از ما دليل مي‌طلبد.»

توفان ِ خنده‌ها...

«ــ خورشيد را گذاشته،


با اتکا به ساعت ِ شماطه‌دار ِ خويش
بيچاره خلق را متقاعد کند

که شب

از نيمه نيز برنگذشته‌ست.»

توفان ِ خنده‌ها...

با چشم‌ها


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