Monday, April 10, 2006

Fish or Movement

A brief blackout period to clear my head. Although, what little success there was vanished upon the return to more of the same alarming news!

So we now have The Iran Plans by Seymour M. Hersh alerting readers to a level of planning for nuclear strikes on Iran. This, of course, coming in the aftermath of the naval exercises in which various missiles were being showcased including what is being billed as “Hoot” or whale, the fastest torpedo there ever was, or something like that!

With the caveat mostly missing from all accounts but one, of course, that what is being translated as whale is actually a rather normal fish in Farsi and the missile itself resembles the Russia's Shkval .

Now who was it that wanted to go on spelling it Photi instead of fish?

And while it is easy to hope that what we have here is simply psychological warfare aimed at getting the attention of an Islamic regime unwilling to publicly acknowledge its own precarious position, I have this dreadful feeling that we might be gradually sleepwalking/posturing into a terribly disastrous clash.

What else is there when two administrations appear hell-bent on violently locking horns? Admittedly, this threat of nuclear strike has been on my mind since last September when the always judicious Nadezhda posted her Nuclear doctrine—more fallout from the GWOT.

And Jorge Hirsh has been repeatedly sounding the alarm bells here and here and here and here, but I’ve been unable to decide what I should think of him. I’ll try to brood my way through some of the issues in the next post if I muster the necessary courage.

For today, though, just to point to the “embedded” in the last post while some of you are with me:

Let’s suppose that it might be possible (and/or true) that what partially lies at the heart of the differences between the “illusions” holding our lives together is a simple mode of entanglement and exchange increasingly mystified overtime. And it might also be possible that this cooperative venture is what actually facilitates a constant reshuffling of the lights in ways that allow differentiation of various elements while also serving as blinder/shield for an exaggerated sense of grandeur.

What set of conditions, you think then, would come to account for the continuities and of the memories? Will it not serve as reminder also both of uniqueness or more importantly a speck-like insignificance in the higher scheme of things? Might it not also put a little bit of that missing something back in the equation thus recasting the ridiculous in a different light?

Anyhow, something else to ponder about in that juncture of flourishing:

1. Those deities (devatâ), Agni and the rest, after they had been sent forth, fell into this great ocean.

Then he (the Self) besieged him, (the person) with hunger and thirst.

2. The deities then (tormented by hunger and thirst) spoke to him (the Self): 'Allow us a place in which we may rest and eat food ' (1)

He led a cow towards them (the deities). They said: 'This is not enough.' He led a horse towards them. They said: 'This is not enough.' (2)

He led man towards them. Then they said: 'Well done, indeed.' Therefore man is well done.

3. He said to them: 'Enter, each according to his place.' (3)

4. Then Agni (fire), having become speech, entered the mouth. Vâyu (air), having become scent, entered the nostrils. Âditya (sun), having become sight, entered the eyes. The Dis (regions), having become hearing, entered the ears. The shrubs and trees, having become hairs, entered the skin. Kandramas (the moon), having become mind, entered

the heart. Death, having become down-breathing, entered the navel. The waters, having become seed, entered the generative organ. (4)

5. Then Hunger and Thirst spoke to him (the Self): 'Allow us two (a place).' He said to them: 'I assign you to those very deities there, I make you co-partners with them.' Therefore to whatever deity an oblation is offered, hunger and thirst are co-partners in it.

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