Thursday, December 15, 2005

It’s official

Mr. Ahmadi Nejad fully earns himself the title. I think Jonathan Freedman is absolutely justified in lamenting, “[T]he Iranian president’s support for holocaust denial is a measure of how far the infection of Jew-hatred has spread,” and that:

"We can deny it no longer: the virus of anti-semitism has infected the Muslim world. And virus it is, for Jew-hatred on this scale, as Christian Europe can testify, is a kind of sickness.

This represents a menace to Jews, of course, but also a tragedy for Muslims. Theirs is a tradition that historically valued learning, and when an ignoramus like Ahmadinejad denies the overwhelming weight of historical evidence he makes a mockery of that tradition…

Today's Muslims should want no part of such ignorance or bigotry. It demeans them.
And those non-Muslim progressives who have made alliances with Islamists should do the same. It may mean some uncomfortable conversations - but the days of denial must end."

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