Monday, July 18, 2005

A note on the Iran coverage

The image of defiance that has haunted me all of my adult life. Finally found it here (also the last picture.) Posted by Picasa

Nema recently offered some blunt warnings about the need for being careful when relying on the excessively distorted presentations of the Iranian events that we are fed by groups which shortsightedly spin all for the sake of some imagined short term political gains. One of the latest examples: all the hoopla about Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's picture.( the first image from the Critical Montage)

I just wanted to add my voice to his. The global community is still reeling from the consequences of all the half truths-- if not outright prevarications and deceits--which have been part and parcel of the military campaign in Iraq from the very beginning.

There is no need for twisting the facts on Iran. There are not justifications for carelessness. There is no need for pettiness. And certainly nothing warrants outright lies and smear campaigns.

This Islamic regime has a track record that would make even the most bloodthirsty amongst us blush.

Sober, judicious presentation of facts will do. No need for spins.

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