Monday, February 07, 2005

I'll just shut up now

Although I could never have even hoped to succeed in blossoming to become as witty or quite as imbecilic as Jonah Goldberg, having carefully examined Mr. Cole's response to him, I have decided to give up and simply stop blogging

Please ignore every one of the posts below this one. Whom have I been trying to kid? I have never been to ancient Persia, Greece or Rome. No real Shakespeare experts around to guide my reading of Timon of Athens.

My language skills are rudimentary. Most of my posts are riddled with grammatical/typographical errors anyways. I'll even admit, I have a very superficial understanding of so many significant geopolitical riddles that affect my life.

Just why did I expect any one to want to read anything I have to say?

And I really can't recall having picked a gun or a water balloon for that matter and attacking the torturers and the censors that are making life a living hell.

Come to think of it, I really can't possibly know Iranian history, the Koran or any other Islamic text better than our famed Guardian Council members.

What on earth have I been talking about here?

Yup, experts know best. I'll just shut up now and go about my daily life and from here on I'll promise to unquestionably defer to those who naturally know what's best for me, my life and for my city.

In the meanwhile, I'll be on the look out for the next round of debates on torture, just in case the pro-pain pundits come up on top in which case I'll make sure to report myself as quickly as possible to the Ministry of Justice

I feel such relief finally. Genuine liberation at last.

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