Friday, March 12, 2004

Gays, otherness bogyman, the British

Just finished another piece, disgruntled impressions, for; a critique of the strange world of a Harvard scholar. This rhetoric of the other/otherness just gets under my skin. But such is life. The prudish among you is encouraged to skip over the penultimate paragraph. Bawdiness galore. I just couldn’t resist the mischievous impulse. Since I live in the land of the conspiracy minded, I’ll simply blame it on the British. We all know how they are secretly pulling all the stings around here. [Hint: sarcasm]

What I like to point out though is a well written article on Khatami, A tragedy in his time by Matthew Drinkwater. UK’s ak13 is wonderful and provocative online publication. The editors promise “vivid, lucid and penetrating reportage, commentary and satire from the hidden corners of contemporary culture.” I think they deliver.

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