Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bella ciao

Nice one thanks to Mr. R.


Parvati said...

From Italy: so pleased Iranians fighting for freedom are using our great resistance song! Our hearts are with you - I've dedicated my blog to your struggle, with video of Yare Dabestani... another wonderful freedom-song -

So Viva l'Iran!! and Viva l'Italia! - hey even our flags are the same colours... And guess what else? We too have a crappy corrupt lying brutal vicious hypocritical and oppressive government :-(... so maybe your example will INSPIRE us too to try to give it another push???


Parvati said...

P.S. just read that Rome City Council has voted to name a street after Neda Agha-Soltani:

(my trans.)
"The motion, presented by Alessandro Onorato of the UDC (Christian Democratic Union) was appproved yesterday by the city council with bipartisan support (...)."

"Neda will be a symbol of courage and freedom for Rome", Onorato explained. "An example for all young people who ask for a better world. Naming a street after her will remind everyone of those who have been imprisoned or have lost their lives from last June onwards for demanding freedom and democracy in Iran".


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Anonymous said...

Nice Post

radius said...

Great song, you will win. As in the spanish fight against the fascist the slogan was "No Pasaran", meaning they wont get through.
I learned this song in the 6th class of my school back in east-German Berlin. Always when I sing it to somebody in Italy, people are surprissed and immediately invite me home. This song gives you power in the fight.

Anonymous said...

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